Ham and Swiss baked chicken

A few weeks ago I blogged about Baked Chicken Caprese. It was a hit. My family loves baked chicken recipes, especially Mayo Chicken  So I’m constantly trying to switch it up a bit. The newest of our baked chicken recipes is Ham and Swiss baked chicken.

20160903_192528 (1)

I took 4 large chicken breasts, butterflied them (making 8 pieces) and then pounded them flat. I sprinkled them with salt and pepper and placed them on a greased piece of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet.


I then placed one slice of ham and 1/2 slice of Swiss cheese on each piece of chicken.


Then I just folded them in half. I also took some mayonnaise and lightly spread it on top of each piece of chicken and sprinkled almond flour on top (you could use bread crumbs if you wanted to).


Bake at 375 for 35 minutes. Cut each piece and serve. We had sauteed veggies with it on this occasion, but we’ve done salads before. It’s up to you what you want. It’s quick, easy and can be made ahead of time for sure.


Nutritional Information: Makes 8 servings. Each serving has: Calories- 210/ Carbs – 1g./ Fat- 9g./ Protein – 30g

Balance for the Soul…a tribe


Ever since starting my travel month (July) and then jumping right back into school, life has been completely unbalanced. It’s been “busy”, but not necessarily productive. I have felt at times that I’m just spinning my wheels and going nowhere. This is in several areas of my life, but especially when it comes to taking care of myself: physically, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally.

I have begun to realize that it is because I have been alone, it’s very lonely, and it’s entirely my fault. I think that I can do ALL. THE.THINGS. all by myself. I can’t. I’m on my way up and back to who I am, what I can be, and making the most of my days instead of letting my days make the most of me. How? My tribes.


Whether they are coworkers, a group of women I’ve known for 17 years but have only met a handful in real life, or a group of crazy social media influencers that have my heart and my back, they change my life everyday.

So what’s the point? The point is, that no matter what life hands you, true balance occurs when you have others to hold you up when you want to fall down. I can feel their hands on my back when I realize it. The trick is to understand that you cannot exist alone. No one is meant to. You are only better by those you surround yourself with.

Need a tribe? Find one, I bet you already have one, but don’t realize the power they have to help you.


Baked Chicken Caprese

School is back in session, and as a result, so are our busy evenings. There is church, volleyball, committees, events, housekeeping, homework, teacher prep, etc. You name it, we are probably doing it. When trying to eat clean there are a few challenges. One is to find the time and effort to cook at home. Secondly is to not repeat the same recipes over and over again. And the one that I try to stick to more than any other is to cook with seasonal ingredients.

After spending some time in my garden I realized that I had an influx of basil, and a few tomatoes. I wanted a caprese salad, but not everyone will eat that for a meal at my house as I feed a hungry rancher/cabinet maker, and two teen athletes. Enter, baked chicken caprese.


I needed something that was keto friendly, but also quick and easy to make. This recipe fit the bill.


I used 4 chicken breasts butterflied (so 8 pieces of chicken). Then I tenderized with my trusty wax paper and rolling pin.


I put them on a cookie sheet covered in foil and sprayed with olive oil cooking spray. I seasoned the chicken breasts with salt, garlic powder, oregano, and a dash of red pepper. Then I laid down 3 or 4 fresh basil leaves and topped with sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella pearls.


I folded the breasts in half.


Than I spread a little mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip or salad dressing) on top and then sprinkled with almond flour. I put it in the oven at 375 and baked for about 35 minutes.

14141666_577742869074880_5516203851653317947_nFor side dishes we had mixed veggies with Parmesan and “fried” okra in almond flour. You could just do a salad, or pretty much any other side. The 4 breasts butterflied made 8 servings and with the four of us there were none left.  I’m hoping to add some more similar recipes to my repertoire soon. Nutritional information.

Information from Fitness Pal Recipe Nutrition Analysis

Calories: 194 / Net Carbs: 4g./ Fat: 10g./ Protein: 19g./ Sugar: 2g.




The reality is….

The reality is….

I have been procrastinating about writing this post and I haven’t been able to post anything else, because well, I couldn’t.

For a multitude of reasons, excuses, life events, I went back to eating like crap.

It started slowly and then before I knew it I was back in my old habits.

I didn’t gain much weight back, only a few pounds, that are already leaving again.

I needed this lesson. It wasn’t about the weight that I put back on. It was about how I felt. I knew I was making poor choices and eating fake food, but I was “busy”, “didn’t have time to cook”, “stressed”. The reality of those decisions was about 10 days ago I started having trouble catching my breath, my headaches and joint pain were back, and I was lightheaded and nauseous.

I immediately knew why I felt like that, and I knew I had hated those feelings.

So….back to square 1 kind of.

I know what I need to do and I’m doing it. Starting over. It sucks, it will be hard, but that’s the consequence for straying off of the path.

If you’ve ever decided that this is the time to start over. Go ahead and start with me. TODAY. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Start now.





Bulletproof Coffee

From the beginning of starting Keto, Bulletproof coffee has been my JAM. I wasn’t a coffee drinker, unless it had more sugar and milk than coffee. B didn’t like it either. However, once you start, it’s honestly my crack. After being gone travelling for work, almost the entire month of July, I went back to resetting and drinking it each morning. 20160803_082956_resized


1 Tbspn. heavy cream (if you have it, but milk works ok, but not the greatest)

1 Tbspn. Kerry Gold Silver Label butter (or any grass fed non salted butter)

1 Tbspn. Unrefined Coconut Oil

10 ounces hot coffee

1 scoop Barleans  Greens (I prefer the Chocolate Silk)



Make the coffee as you normally would, either through brew, Keurig, or instant (I use instant) and then add butter, coconut oil, cream, Barleans.


Blend well. Use could use a bullet, or any kind of blender, I have an immersion that is quick and easy to use.


Pour into your cup, or travel mug and drink. It will wake you up, keep you full, and benefit your gut health. I don’t eat anything for breakfast, but drink this and am not hungry until lunch time. No snacking needed.

Nutritional Information:

Calories: 301

Protein: 2g.

Carbohydrates: 4g.

Sugars: 0g.

Fat: 31 g.





Canning/Preserving: Freezing Corn on the Cob

Our corn harvest usually happens around the 4th of July. This year it happened a little early, which coincided with me leaving to go to Washington DC for 8 days. So the two days before my trip were spent putting up about 200 gallons of corn. There are two ways that I freeze it: on the cob and cut off. Because time was an issue for me, most of it was put up in the cob.

20160624_175119_resizedShuck the corn as you normally would.


Get a pot of hot water to a roiling boil and place the cobs in for about 90 seconds.


Take corn out of the boiling pot and place directly into a cold water bath.


After the corn has mostly cooled place cobs in gallon freezer bags and place directly in freezer.

To reheat place frozen cobs in boiling water until cobs are hot, about 5 minutes and enjoy. It’s a simple way to keep the corn frozen and to put it away. I always enjoy being able to  serve my family garden fresh corn in the winter. Corn will keep up to 18 months in the freezer.


Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs (keto)

Yes, yes I know. I have abandoned all ye faithful! It’s not because I wanted to but rather because I have been traveling for work. No one misses my cooking like me…..and probably my husband.  So because you all have been so patient, here is the best recipe!!  Although I have only been making this for a few months, my entire family loves it so much, there for a while we were eating it at least once a week. 20160623_182919_resizedI started with 2 pounds of ground beef. I rolled them into 1/3 pound balls that I would normally make into patties, however,  not this time….kind of.


Take each ball and roughly smash in into a patty. Get your favorite can beverage and place it in the middle of the patty.

Build the patty around the can, like this.


Grab a piece of bacon and wrap it around the patty. Secure with a skewer or toothpick (don’t forget that the toothpick is there and remove after cooking).


Remove the can and then season the patty on the inside. I just use season salt and pepper.

In a mixing bowl add 4 oz. (half of a package) of cream cheese, 1 cup cheddar and 1 cup mozzarella. Combine completely.


Put the cheese in the center of the patties.


Cook the patties on the grill, just as you would a regular hamburger, but DO NOT FLIP. Just leave them there to cook until they are done to your taste. I left them on about 20 minutes on a 400 degree grill, but all grills cook differently. If you want to check for doneness, just look at the meat on the inside of the burger.

20160623_195710_resizedOnce you have pulled them off of the grill let them set for about 5 minutes before eating. Remove the toothpick and enjoy.

This recipe is something that my family adores. All 4 of us enjoy these and they are keto friendly. My girls remove the bacon and put them on a bun and make it a traditional burger. B and I just eat them with some grilled veggies. So delicious and so satisfying! Enjoy.